LV System Service LLC

Деятельность LV System ServiceThe scope of activity of LV System Service LLC. LV System Service LLC is an experienced supplier of pharmaceutical products, that are applied in many advanced technological fields of medicine, such as oncosurgery, hematology, instrumental examination and diagnostics as well as intensive care. Understanding potential issues and concerns of European and American businesses when working with pharmaceutical markets of countries with transitional economies, we are carefully considering risk management, by offering efficient solutions to our partners. The portfolio of LV Systems Service LLC consists of parenteral antibiotics and anti-fungals, wide range of innovative medicine for cancer treatment, contrast agents for CAT-scans, MRI and angiography examinations, haemostatic and anticoagulant medicaments used in emergency and selective surgery and immunobiological medical products. We understand the importance of our role in timely delivery of the medical product to intensive care or surgical ward, therefore we continuously work on improving our internal distribution system, thus making a contribution in increasing availability of innovative therapy methods for each patient.