Key Values

Our key values: these are solid principles, by which we work with customers and partners as well as interact with each other within the company.

Accept and Encourage the Change

In our daily work we constantly conduct and encourage the search for innovative solutions, aiming at improving the reliability and effectiveness. We delegate authority at maximum to our employees, in order to make it an everyday reality: looking for a creative approach to the better business solutions as this is the only way how to ensure continuous quality improvement of or services and products. Not only are we simultaneously changing with the surrounding environment, we are constantly changing it as well. The leading principle for each of us is:

  • Not only am I constantly ready for changes, I am the initiator and leader of them.

Welcome Growth and Training

We believe that when competing for a customer or a market, where sooner or later the technological equipment, marketing and lobbying becomes levelled, the leadership in the market will be determined by a Talented Employee. Having a Talented Employee: it is a competitive advantage of our business.

We create all necessary conditions so our Employees would have a space for growth and continuous improvement of professional competences. Employees are our main and most precious asset. We continuously invest in the training of employees. While providing opportunities for growth, we follow the principle of Grow or Leave. The leading principles for each of us are:

  • I am ambitious and I am constantly aiming at a professional growth in whatever I am doing;
  • I am constantly improving my knowledge on the product I offer to the partners and customers.

Fast Thinking and Acting

Fast reaction to rapidly changing external environment is a key to our future success. We strive to respond to new ideas today faster than yesterday to be the first to offer new products and solutions to our Customers. The leading principle for each of us is:

  • I always take decisions and act as fast as possible.

Doing More with Less Resources

In constraint resource environment we are constantly striving to achieve goals while distributing costs with maximum efficiency. The leading principle for each of us is:

  • I am always focused on results and I am aiming at doing more with available resources reaching the maximum potential.

Confidence – the Basis for Success

We sincerely believe that mutual confidence in relationship with colleagues, customers and partners is a cornerstone for success. Our activities are open and transparent. Each our activity shall contribute to building confidence. We are keen to justify this credibility, so our leading principle is:

  • I always perform what I have promised to a customer or a colleague.

Team Work

We appreciate the efficiency of a team work. When building relationships with customers and colleagues we always focus on the principle of longevity and strength of such relationships, willingness to an objective dialogue and personal respect. Our priorities in team-building are those of combining enthusiasm and professionalism. The leading principle for each of us is:

  • I always treat with respect each company‚Äôs employee and customer and always put at heart achieving a team-result.